Are you planning to create an app?

We would love to create an app, but we decided that the first step would be a web version so both iOS and Android devices could use our service.

Why don’t you show Uber Pool Prices?

Unfortunately, Uber does not make that data available via their API. Uber knows of this limitation and we are hoping they soon start providing us the data soon.

Can I share my route with others?

Yes, after doing a fare estimate search, click on the link buttonlink .  A unique link with your saved route will pop-up, copy and paste to share with friends or bookmark for yourself.

Can I add a specific Fare Estimate route to my iOS home screen?

Yes you can, similar to the question above, click on the link button after doing a fare estimate search. Click on the newly created link to open a new page with your saved route. Click the share button on safari browser bar (it’s a box with an arrow) and click Add to Home Screen.

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer, please contact us.