Juno Invite Code – Juno Ride Sharing in New York City

Juno ride sharing - car service in New York CityJuno is the newest car sharing company to launch in New York City. It’s currently invite only, new users need to find a current Juno driver who can then invite them using their phone number.

You can also join the Juno waiting list and it usually takes 1-2 weeks for you to be accepted.

How is Juno different than Uber & Lyft

Currently, Juno is offering riders 35% on any ride in New York City which makes it cheaper ride sharing fare than on Uber & Lyft. Drivers also benefit with a commission of only 10% rather than 25+% on Uber & Lyft.

How can I become a Juno driver?

Juno is recruiting Lyft  & Uber drivers that have a rating of 4.75. You will also need an invite from a current Juno driver. Juno currently pays drivers $50 dollars a  week to keep the app turn on during normal work hours in New York in addition to normal fare earnings.

Juno App for iPhone

Juno is a tough find in the app store, it’s listed as: Juno –  A New Way to Ride. You can download the Juno ride sharing car service here.