Lyft Driver Referral Code to Become Lyft Driver

So you want to help people get a lift by working for Lyft? Want to try to run the table in the ride-hail transportation game? You’ve come to the right place – here, we’re going to walk through how to become a Lyft driver.

Heads up at the outset – in order to become a Lyft driver, you must be at least 21 and have had your license for at least one year. If you don’t qualify, I highly recommend you wait until you do, for the sake of your own precious time.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

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If you are signing up to become a Lyft driver, we recommend using our Lyft driver referral code: FAREME or use our Lyft driver referral link.  You’ll get a cash reward credit, depending on the code (you’re probably going to want one of these). Next, you’ll have to download the Lyft app – if you don’t have it already – and create your driver profile.

After that, you consent for a DMV screening, to check if you have any moving violations or any negative driver history. This is a pretty quick screening, but there is a high standard. If you have one of the following, you will not be eligible to become a Lyft driver:

  • More than three moving violations in the past three years
  • At least one major moving violation in the past three years (for example, reckless driving)
  • At least one DUI/drug-related driving violation in the past seven years
  • At least one driving-related conviction in the past seven years

Then, there are a few training videos which you need to watch. There are only three videos necessary to watch for the application, but Lyft actually has all of their tutorial videos on their website right here as well. Get to watching!

Lyft Car Requirements and Meeting Your Mentor

The next major step is the vehicle inspection. There are specific car requirements for a Lyft-driving, automobile, and we’re going to go through all the boxes you’ll need to check off before you go meet your Lyft Mentor, who will inspect and approve your car for transport.

First off – Lyft needs a newer car than Uber. Currently, they require that your car be a 2004 model or newer. Your car must have four doors, and all signals, lights, high beams, hazards, turn signals, brakes, fog lamps and other essential features must function. Your air conditioning and heat must work completely and your windows must function in rolling up and down. Essentially, your car body must pretty spotless and everything must work smoothly. Oh, and the seatbelts and seat adjustments must work.

If you plan to drive Lyft Plus (six or more passengers), your car must have seven or more seats in total.

Now that you’ve checked your car for all the proper qualifications, you’ll need to meet with your Mentor.

But wait – what is a Mentor? A Mentor is a top-rated local driver, who will inspect your car, verify your identity and car insurance for Lyft, and take you on a test drive to confirm you’re safe at the wheel (and also that you’re a swell fellow).

Background Check

The last major portion of the application process is a thorough background check. If your Mentor gave Lyft the A-OK, Lyft’s criminal background scan is done through a third party and checks to see if you have any notable criminal history which would make you not eligible for becoming a driver.

You may have trouble passing if you have had convictions in any of these crimes in the last seven years:

  • A violent crime
  • A felony
  • A drug-related offense
  • Various theft or property crimes
  • A sexual offense

Lyft also looks at your local jurisdiction to see what regulations face ride-hailing drivers, so keep that in mind as well. If you did not pass the background check, along with the e-mail informing you of this will be instructions on how to appeal this decision.

If you did pass, congrats – you are officially accepted to be a Lyft driver! Lyft will send you a welcome kit to your address and you can officially hit the pavement. Get to driving!

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