Uber Miami Promo Code & Fare Estimates for Lyft & Uber

Uber Promo Code Miami

Uber offers new users up to $20 dollars when you use 1SVNY, best Uber promo code 2016.

Lyft Promo Code Miami

Lyft offers new riders up to $50 dollars in free rides when you use the Lyft promo code FAREME.

Uber Miami Rates


Base Fare – $.95
Per Minute – $.13
Per Mile – $.85
Booking Fee – $1.70
Minimum Fare – $5.00
Cancellation Fee – $5.00

Lyft Miami Rates


Base Fare – $.90
Per Minute – $0.13
Per Mile – $.89
Trust & Service Fee – $ 1.70
Minimum Fare – $3.90
Cancellation Fee – $5.00

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Become an Uber & Lyft Driver in Miami

Driving for Uber & Lyft in Miami is lucrative with drivers making up to $19 dollars an hour. To become a driver in Miami, sign up via the Uber and Lyft apps. They will run a background check and you will have an orientation and usually within 7 days you will be able to start driving in Miami, Florida.