Lyft Promo Code 2020

Lyft promo code 2016While Uber is still the most popular ride sharing app, Lyft is rapidly gaining momentum. There are a number of reasons many customers are starting to turn to Lyft.

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Claiming the Lyft Promo Code 2019: FAREME

Promo CodeFAREME
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  • Verify your billing information

Your credit will be instantly applied, as long as the promo code hasn’t expired. The one we provide on this page is still active.

Major Features of Lyft

Although the two ride sharing services are very similar, Lyft has taken a few steps to differentiate itself from Uber. Here are some of the special features that set it apart.

Consistently Low Prices

Lyft charges about $1.50 a mile, which is much cheaper than your average taxi. The price is comparable to Uber, but Lyft is much more similar across the country.

Lyft also is better about surge pricing than Uber. Both companies came under fire for surge pricing a couple years ago, but Lyft repented by offering new “Happy Hour Discounts.”  This means they offer a price discount during times of low demand.

Exceptional Service

Lyft prides itself on offering exceptional service. They give customers the opportunity to rate their drivers, which helps them ensure they meet the company’s quality standards.

Driver Profiles

Lyft introduced Driver Profiles to help drivers and passengers connect better. Passengers can share cool information to help the drivers get to know them better, such as their hobbies, favorite music and any mutual friends. This allows Lyft passengers to connect with their drivers better than people using Uber.

Most Popular Cities

Lyft isn’t the dominant player in any market, but it is growing rapidly. Lyft CFO Brian Roberts claims the company is growing a loyal customer base in the following major cities.

San Francisco

Much to the disdain of taxi drivers, Lyft is becoming a big player in the San Francisco transportation industry. San Francisco has a large base of customers. Many locals opt out of owning a vehicle, because finding parking is such a challenge. Nearly 17 million people travel to San Francisco each year, so Lyft also receives a lot of business from tourists.

Los Angeles

With a population of nearly 4 million people, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country. It’s hardly surprising that Lyft is doing so well in the City of Angels.

The company has been even more popular since December 2015, when the city finally allowed Lyft to start picking people up at the airport.


As a highly progressive tech hub with a very young demographic, Seattle is a perfect market for Lyft. The market has been growing steadily over the years. They hit a major victory in March 2016, when new ordinances permitted the ride sharing company to pick people up at the airport.

Lyft FAQ

Does Lyft provide free credit to existing users?

No, occasionally Uber has promotions for existing users. Once you sign up, check your email as Lyft usually emails promotions on a weekly basis to current users.

Is Lyft safe?

Yes. You may have heard some anecdotes about people being assaulted or robbed by Lyft drivers. However, these problems are rare. Lyft conducts background checks to protect its users and the general public. Also, keep in mind that taxi drivers sometimes commit similar offenses as well.

Can I become a Lyft Driver?

If you are over 21 and have a clean driving history and a 4 door car newer than 2001 you can likely become a Lyft driver. Use our Lyft driver referral code FAREME for a new driver bonus.

We also recommend users use our Uber Promo Code for their first ride free.